Game QA & Localization APAC 2017 | Pole to Win

Game QA & Localization APAC 2017

For the very first time, the Game QA and Localization forums will be going to Asia with the inaugural APAC event taking place in Singapore from October 4-5, 2017.

Pole To Win will be extending its support to the wider QA and localization industry in Asia through sponsorship of this event. As the only games QA and localization event in Asia, these forums will provide a platform for games professionals to discuss these essential specialized topics and share practical advice, experience, and contacts in order to improve the overall success of the industry.

Pole To Win will be contributing to the discussions with a presentation delivered by our Senior Director of QA and Localization, Chris Rowley. Chris will discuss lessons learned in Pole To Win’s experience in working with VR and how to get the best results from VR testing.

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