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In any business, tasks can become repetitive and time-consuming which can slow progress and growth. It is essential to consider ways to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Our Quality Engineering department is experienced in providing test automation and infrastructure services across web, desktop and mobile. We work with you to provide a tailored engineering solution to increase productivity and add value.

Test Automation and Infrastructure and DevOps solutions are at our core.

I just truly want you to know that I mean it when I say that we are proud of you all and the work you are doing... Take care and keep up the great work!

- Senior Executive, Interactive Entertainment Media Publisher

Automation works across a range of testing and development services, which can be implemented as standalone, or as part of a larger automation strategy:

Test Architecture
Develop testing tools and strategy, including bespoke test frameworks, tools, plugins, and test libraries.

Functional Automation
Automated solutions from simple test scripts to complex test automation frameworks. Functional automation expertise includes UI, API and backend automation.

Performance Testing
Performance test scripts that measure application or system performance, and identify system or application performance limits.

Workflow Automation
Processes that automate development workflows at various stages of the software development cycle.

Tools Development
Design and develop testing and debugging tools, as well as ad hoc test application tools to improve testability and achieve agility.

Robust testing methodologies and established security standards including Open Web Application Security project (OWASP), Open-Source Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), SANS Guidelines, Penetration Testing, Execution Standard (PTES), Network Testing (Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G), Vulnerability Assessments, Code Signing, Data Security, Data Validation, Latency Analysis, and much more.

Infrastructure and DevOps services can provide solutions that accelerate operational performance:

Build Engineering
Create the right build systems that help construct your product, and trigger test automation.

Continuous Integration (CI)
Implement CI using industry standard tools, such as Jenkins, to deliver a continuously integrated system that expedites development processes.

Test Infrastructure
Create on-demand test environments using cloud services such as AWS and GCP. Develop virtual environments for development or integration testing. Build test management systems and create tailored reports or dashboards.