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Every global organization must be deeply vested in ensuring their customers have the same level of great experiences and satisfaction from their products, regardless of where their customers are in the world, or the languages they speak.

Only through high quality translation and localization for audio, text and images can this extremely important driver for global success be achieved.

Our native speaker translation and localization teams use their advanced linguistic and cultural expertise to ensure every product is expertly adapted for all major target markets and territories. There can be no doubt for the customer that each individual product has been conceived, designed and built for them, their culture and the country in which the product is purchased.

Such skilful management of the overall title schedule to deliver the smoothest transition from Translation, to Audio Production, to Localization Testing.

- Major Entertainment Content Publisher


Translation services from linguistic specialists who enable the global success of your products.

Professionally trained native speakers of the target language, with native-level fluency in the source language. All translations are proofread by additional professional native speaker linguists, with feedback shared for continuous improvement.

Translators are carefully selected on the basis of language combinations, skills and experience, technical competency, and subject matter expertise. Our in-house Talent Acquisition teams are heavily involved in the design and implementation of global recruitment and selection processes for linguists in all major territories and languages.

Currently we maintain a global linguistic database of in-territory, native speaker professional translators and proofreaders covering over 30 languages.

We use MemoQ™, a market-leading translation memory tool, to improve cost efficiency and quality consistency.

Project Management
Source language materials, linguistic feedback, client inputs, project deliverables and all associated project tasks and activities are coordinated centrally. Delegation and execution are managed on a local and/or global basis.

Glossaries and Guides
We create multilingual glossaries, style guides and characterization documents, as required. These ensure consistency, quality and faithful continuity of translated content for audio, text and images, applied across multiple product versions, day and date schedules, or serialized product releases.


High quality products and exceptional customer experience mean paying attention to critical details such as colloquialisms, cultural distinctions and language transfer. Our goal is to ensure your customers understand and identify with your product exactly as you intended.

Our processes have been refined over many years and include a peer-review system. Our teams are formed through a strong focus on recruitment, training and continuous improvement. Testing is performed across localized audio, text and images for a wide variety of content and platform types, including leading Virtual Reality (VR) devices.

We have long established localization certificate test plans and have isolated localization concerns for every platform in the games sphere. This is why we have an outstanding first time Submission Rate, working tirelessly to ensure certification checks will not fail due to translation issues.

Metadata and Packaging
Our highly skilled Testers can also check metadata, store text, packaging and all other localized materials where linguistic consistency across project assets is key to meeting branding, marketing and product quality objectives.

Audio Localization
Localization is essential for more than just the written word. SIDE provide multilingual audio localization for all major international markets.